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Below is a summary of the psychological research in the School of Social Work and Psychology (SWP) at the University of East Anglia. To access a specific individual member of staff, click on the link on the left side of this screen.

1. Cognition and Individual Behaviour

Cognition and Individual Behaviour focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that underpin individual behaviour, including the role played by emotion, especially in clinical conditions. Another strand is risk appraisal and behaviour especially as it relates to behavioural economics, as well as role played by personality in understanding individual behaviour.

Cognition and Individual Behaviour comprises the following individuals:

Prof. Philip Corr (Differential Psychology)

Dr Laura Hoppitt (Cognition and Emotion)

Dr Piers Fleming (Decision and Uncertainty Appraisal)

Dr Neil Rutterford (EEG Biofeedback)

Dr Helen Dodd (Developmental Psychopathology)

2. Social Psychology

Social Psychology brings together researchers interested in the interplay between social life and personal experience. Research within the group is focused upon the analysis and understanding of social problems with the recognition that behaviour is a product of biological, psychological and cultural processes. We employ a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and conceptual frameworks from social psychology which facilitate an integrated analysis of individual, group and social processes. Active research programmes explore drug and alcohol use, decision-making, parenting and family processes, wellbeing and relationships, the impact of technological change, and service provision within psychosocial interventions.

Social Psychology comprises the following individuals:

Dr Neil Cooper (Qualitative and Critical Psychology)

Dr Simon Hampton (Reproductive Engineering)

Dr Vicky Scaife (Substance Use)

Dr Charles Seger (Social and Embodied Cognition)

Dr Andrew Bayliss (Social Perception and Action)


3. Developmental and Relationship Psychology

Developmental and Relationship Psychology explores a number of aspects of children's social and cognitive development, including antisocial behaviour, moral development, and children's understanding of scientific concepts. A further focus is attachment and caregiving, concentrating on: (1) couple relationships and psychological well-being; (2) parental-foetal relationships; (3) adult attachment networks and the utilisation of support; (4) relationships and understanding in families experiencing mental health problems.

Developmental and Relationship Psychology comprises the following individuals:

Dr Gavin Nobes (Developmental Psychology)

Dr Judi Walsh (Attachment and Caregiving)

Dr Helen Dodd (Developmental Psychopathology)


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